Nature’s Gifts - Gift Guide for the Bee Lover

I have a bee lover in my life so I keep my eye out where ever possible for beautifully designed bee gifts. And let's face it, bees are super important pollinators for a lot of the plants we see and love. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas I have found over the years...

1) Centinelle - This particular pattern is called Julie's Bumblebees and you can buy socks, tea towels, napkins, or scarves adorned with it. I am a serious fan girl of this brand. The patterns are super fun, the design is spot on, and the quality is wonderful. Trust me... I have a whole collection of her scarves and just ordered a bunch of kitchen textiles and socks. I can't get enough! 

2) Tatine "Swarm of Bees" soy candle - These candles smell amazing! In fact Tatine makes some of the only candles I can burn because I am quite sensitive to a lot of scented products. Not these though! I have them in my bathroom, meditation closet, and some extra for wherever I feel like being transported to a breezy meadow with a fragrant bee hive nearby. 

Shop Tatine

Shop Tatine

3) Bee Raw honey flight - So this is one I don't have personal experience with but doesn't it look lovely? The packaging is beautiful. I also think collections of things make really fun gifts (especially for that special host or hostess). If this particular product doesn't spark your fancy Bee Raw has all kinds of wonderfully designed honey gifts. 

Shop  Bee Raw

Shop Bee Raw

4) WrenBirdArt's hand embroidered buttons - The maker behind this brand is a gal I have been following on Instagram for a long time. Kudos to her for staying true to handmade products! I enjoy her embroidery because it has a no fuss, simple, heirloom quality to it. She does custom work too, so you could customize an embroidered hanky or button for the bee lover in your life. 

Shop Wrenbirdarts

Shop Wrenbirdarts

5) Books - There are a ton of books one could gift a bee lover! I am a fan of buying books from a brick & mortar bookstore or local store. A lot of the time nursery gift shops have incredibly beautiful giftable books. If you are an online shopper Terrain has some beautiful bee books and lots of other bee gifts to boot.

Shop  Terrain

Shop Terrain

Shop  Terrain

Shop Terrain

6) Friend of the bee patch from Antiquaria - Are you a friend or have a friend of the honey bee? I found this patch in my favorite nursery's gift shop (Flowerland) and instantly fell in love. Of course the brand Antiquaria has an online shop and they makes lots of great patches. The bee one is perfection in my humble opinion. 

Shop Antiquaria

Shop Antiquaria

7) Bring the bees to the bee lover! Another option is you could gift some bee friendly plants or seeds. This is a nice option that benefits both the bee lover and the bees! 

Here is a list of bee friendly plants:

The Start.


My name is Elizabeth and I am a retired Marketing Director that left the workforce to pursue a life that feels like it's worth living. A friend had me do an exercise where I imagined my last year of life and I found it very profound (listed in resources at bottom of post). It turns out working in marketing isn't a part of my perfect life fantasy and I decided that perhaps one of the reasons I felt dead inside is because I wasn't pursuing my true dreams. You know? The one that is stuffed deep in your gut... the one that is stupid or crazy or will never happen because you have to do everything else first. The one you tell yourself lies about so you never have to try it and be crushed if it doesn't work out. You have one of those? I know I have a couple! 

It has taken a bit of time to quiet all the "shoulds" and the "cant's" I have been carrying around for forever to find what it is that I truly want to be doing. 

After some time and walking through some very dark places I now feel like I know myself enough to tell you about me and start carving out a place for the true me in this world. If you are not there yet, or perhaps you are, I hope you can join me on my journey and find your own creative inspiration in it. 

AGE: 33 

OCCUPATION: creator and curator of beautiful things, writer, wife, mom

THINGS I LOVE: good design, gardening, painting, plants, coast lines, hiking, photography, the smell of the forrest floor, my family, painting, the human spirit, my two pups, and writing. 

THINGS I DON'T LOVE: malt balls, loud noises, mean people, incorrectly sized images on websites and social media, bad font, folding laundry, and feeling lonely. 

THINGS I STRUGGLE WITH: depression, anxiety, ptsd, gossiping, perfectionism, returning phone calls, and spiritual/emotional/physical sobriety. 

SURPRISING THINGS ABOUT ME: I didn't graduate highschool, but I did graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. I used to do amatuer boxing (my knees hate me for it). I lived in China for a year and studied there for another 3 months. I can speak some Mandarin. My voice sounds like a sweet 5 year old's but I can be very far from sweet. ;)

WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE ALL ABOUT? This is a place that I carved out to share my creative journey in hopes to inspire yours. It's a blog and will have paper products for sale soon. I create beautiful imagery through photography + painting. I curate (sometimes create) beautiful design inspired by nature. For the most part all of my creative inspirations start with being inspired by colors I see in plants and in nature - hence the name... PLANTS I SEE. I'm sure this space will continue to iterate, however at it's core it will always be about experiencing and creating a creative journey that we can find ourselves in. It's a tiny escape. 


Last year of life exercise found in this wonderful book | Gentle Path Through the 12 Steps